Architectural Philosophy and Design

The villa’s original architectural vision was crafted by the renowned Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. His concept was subsequently adapted to the unique landscape of Casa de Campo by the talented young Caribbean architect Freddy Mazara. This collaboration brings together Brazilian sophistication and Caribbean vibrancy, creating a harmonious blend of styles.

Entry and Landscaping

The three trees before the entrance are designed to evoke a sense of mystery and anticipation. Visitors are greeted by a stone wall and four cement panels. Upon opening the three doors, they are met with an astonishing view of the villa, with a direct line of sight through to the swimming pool. The entry deck, adorned with three randomly placed Indian trees on an Ipè natural wood deck, guides guests to the main door without a symmetrical path. This concept is inspired by Marrakesh houses, where the beauty of the interior gardens is shielded from outside observers. The main door itself is a grand panel of steel covered in microcement.

The swimming pool, stretching 27 yards with an ultra-contemporary design and no borders, is one of the largest and most innovative in Casa de Campo. Fully automated, it offers a true swimming experience.

Interior Design Elements

Staircase: The staircase in the living room is a piece of contemporary minimalist art, visible from both the interior deck and the swimming pool. Constructed from steel and covered in microcement, with steps made of noble Rovere wood, it stands as a striking centerpiece.

Kitchen: The kitchen features cabinets crafted from solid wood, chosen for their durability in the Dominican Republic’s climate. The countertops are made from TEKTON, a material more expensive than marble but far more resistant to oil, heat, and scratches. The appliances are imported from the US, including Thermador, with a German-made ECM coffee machine designed in Italy, and a Mazzer coffee grinder.

Flooring: All floors are handmade in microcement, styled in the Stucco Veneziano tradition, extending to the columns and bathroom walls.

Sustainability and Technology

The villa is equipped with a 20.21 kWp solar energy system, comprising 45 panels, 3 batteries, and 2 inverters. This system powers an ultra-speed electric car charger, a rainwater tank, and a fully automated irrigation system for the lush landscaping, designed by the esteemed Estudio PWP. The garden features local fruit trees and Caribbean plants.

All interior and exterior illumination uses LED technology, controlled by smart switches for optimal energy efficiency.

Smart Home Automation

The villa utilizes a comprehensive automated control system, managed via mobile devices for lighting, air conditioning, and security. The air conditioning is managed by Honeywell Home, lights by smart dimmer switches from Leviton, and door locks by Naxo Tech Defender. The alarm system is provided by Ring, ensuring robust security.

Furnishings and Comfort

The living room sofa is from Meroni & Colzani Pantelleria, the dining table from B&B Italia, mirrors by Philippe Starck, and home theater sofa by Sonno. The bar chairs are crafted by Marte, and the TV room features a giant Samsung screen with a Sonos home theater system. All bathroom accessories are from AXOR, a leading luxury brand.

Security: The villa is protected by a comprehensive video security system with one-month recording capability. The fingerprint access system by Naxo Defender offers programmable access, including magnetic key, passcode, and fingerprint entry. Additionally, the house features motion sensors and double glass doors and panels imported from Spain, designed to withstand hurricanes and provide insulation against heat, sun, and noise.

Comfort: All pillows are filled with goose chest feathers, and the mattresses are from Sealy Posturepedic Technology, renowned for their comfort.

Master Bathroom: The master bathroom features a Victoria + Albert Barcelona tub, a stunning piece weighing nearly 100 kg, with dimensions of 1.78 meters in length and 85 cm in width, offering a luxurious bathing experience.