This private beach property in the Dominican Republic in the famous gated Community Orchid Bay is, quite simply, one of the most dramatic available oceanfront properties in the Caribbean. If having your own, personal beach in the heart of the Caribbean is one of your unrelenting criteria, this ocean view land is the right place for you.

Above, this impossibly beautiful and romantic dreamland undulates across a breezy, palm-studded plateau, along a sea cliff inexplicably dripping with wild red orchids, and then, down on the polished coral sands below, an exotic boulder-grotto private beach where warm, reef protected ocean waters lap a secret cove which is sweetly swim-able year-round.

This 11 acre (43,547 square meters) property also features a dense forest of royal palms and a magical cañada, a seasonal stream in a tropically vegetated canyon with small pools and waterfalls that spill into the sea. The well-drained soil and prevailing sea breezes maintain this unusual site exceptionally comfortable and miraculously mosquito-free.

Remarkably, this once-in-a-lifetime land has its long side along the sea, dominating a half kilometer of flower-draped sea cliff and fronting three distinctively different sparkling white sand beaches on the Dominican Republic’s spectacular and ultra-emerging Costa Verde (Non-metric-minded friends: think five football fields of oceanfront and then add a li’l more.).

Although this region of the country, long known for its charming denizens and relaxed way of life, is starting to be discovered, the friendly natives have not been corrupted by mass-tourism (although they will try to practice their English on you and teach you how to dance the meringue at the slightest provocation).

Despite the fact that a championship golf course by Robert Trent Jones has opened twelve minutes away, ranching and farming and fishing are still the traditional sources of local income. Thus if you enjoy some connection with what is real, authentic and folkloric, and have a taste for the simple things as well as the elegant ones, you’re in the right place hereabouts.

The land is accessed by a kilometer long private road shared with Orchid Bay, a gated, private residential community with homes that rival any in the world. Two episodes of the MSNBC show “On the Money” featured interviews with adventurous couples who have built their noteworthy, fantasy-inducing homes in this very special community that surrounds Tercera Luna.

Consequently, this almost-unimaginable Eden lends itself to a variety of upscale uses. A world class private estate or family farmstead on the sea, an opulent rental-villa/corporate retreat, or a few artfully designed, private beachfront villas would all be compatible with the ne plus ultra character of the community