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Buy A Luxury Vacation Home In Casa de Campo

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Real estate is not luxury just because it’s costly. It must also be matchless, unique, and perceived as first-class.

High-end investors want access to luxury activities like our famous golf courses in Casa de Campo, dining in 7 restaurants, as well as proximity to other luxury homes.

What Is Luxury Real Estate?

It’s essential to know the features that portray a luxury property before you invest because a high price point alone won’t put a property in this range. “It has to be superlative and supreme—in a good way, in a desirable way,” said Johannes Hofmann, CEO at 360Luxury, a luxury company in the Caribbean, specializing in ultraluxury vacation rental properties. “Wealthy clients will pay a premium for something that’s perceived to be unique.”

A trophy address, like Punta Minitas in Casa de Campo, adds value. Having a modern villa design attracts millenniums. Some luxury buyers seek the natural beauty of an oceanfront location or at least golf views.

High-end buyers want privacy and security, sometimes to the point of seclusion. They want exquisiteness inside and out and can afford custom architecture, unique design, exaggerated attention to detail, and luxurious style.

They also want services on top of amenities: a chef’s kitchen, extravagance pool, spacious owner’s suite, and tropical outdoor living space, and spa studios and staff service. Many also want vast properties, but you certainly don’t need a big villa to live in luxury.

How Much Does a Luxury Vacation Home Cost?

In markets where prices are lower, you could need as little as half a million to own a piece of luxury real estate. But you’ll need at least $1,6 million to buy a luxury property in the better location of Casa de Campo with golf view, and the entry price point goes up to where the cost of living in the high-end market like in Casa de Campo. It’s $13 million in Oceanfront location like Punta Minitas, $ 12 million in Punta Aguilla according to 360Luxury.

Isla Catalina

Choose a Luxurious Vacation Rental Property

“A high-end vacation rental villa in Casa de Campo can provide a wealth of advantages including asset appreciation, business networking prospects, and most importantly, personal fun,” Johannes Hofmann says.  Choosing a location with a strong rental market is key, such as a golf resort in the Dominican Republic. “They are suitable for seasonal income and perform well during good financial markets. However, you will need a good property manager. Our company 360Luxury identifies high-performance rental villas and manage their rental performance income for the homeowner.

In addition to choosing the right tropical island, investors should consider buying a property that will be attractive to vacationing families, Johannes Hofmann says. “It will escalate your occupancy rate and your ROI.”

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As the founder of 360Luxury, Johannes has built a remarkable success story in the realm of ultra-luxury vacation rentals. His company specializes in curating exceptional experiences for discerning travelers, offering them access to the most luxurious accommodations around the globe. Recognizing the immense potential in the Caribbean, Johannes has also directed his investments towards ultra-luxury villas and projects in this idyllic region. Johannes' vision goes beyond just luxurious living. He understands the significance of creating harmonious spaces that blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty. With his deep appreciation for the Caribbean's captivating landscapes, Johannes is dedicated to promoting projects that embody sustainability and ecological preservation. With his wealth of experience, investor's perspective, and passion for creating unparalleled luxury experiences, Johannes Hofmann is the driving force behind this exceptional project in Las Terrenas. Contact Johannes today to embark on a journey towards exclusive living in the heart of a tropical paradise

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